Midlands 5 piece Violet come drenched in big sounds with an indie spark, combining in uences that draw from 90s Grunge to Britpop. Pedal immersed guitars entwined with intricate drums and powerful basslines come together to create a unique ethereal, yet captivating sound. The band are likened to the ambiance of Slowdive, the mystique of The Horrors and the intensity of The Brian Jonestown Massacre.

Formed in late 2016 through interconnected lives, Violet have spent the best part of a year writing, recording and honing their sound. Having played a mere handful of gigs they embark on a run of dates to celebrate the release of their debut single ‘FEEL’ released September 15th on ‘HolyHowl’.


Luke Brickett • Guitar | Vocals
Arran Bick • Bass Guitar
Patrick Murphy • Drums
Harry Lehman • Lead Guitar
Theo Spivey • Synth | Percussion | Guitar


Management • Carlo Solazzo | HolyHowl
Agent • Steve Backman | Primary Talent
PR • Josh Cooper | 9PR
Law • Simon Jordan | Russells
Production • Ryan Pinson |  RML Studios
Mastering • Pete Maher


Single: Feel
Distributed by Cargo